Located on KwaZulu-Natal’s North Coast, Sibaya Coastal Precinct consists of around 1 000 hectares of coastal landscape between the Ohlanga and uMdloti estuaries. The existing Sibaya Casino and Entertainment World sits centrally within the site and the development will encompass seven different nodes planned around it. These will all be inspired by a common development vision. Significant investment in water, wastewater, electrical and road infrastructure is also being made as a part of the development. This will not only serve this precinct but also enhance services to the surrounding communities too.

Sibaya Coastal Precinct was designed to work with the spectacular landscape found here. By only developing around the hilltops, preserving the valleys and coastal forest and connecting the different areas by paths, trails and green boulevards, we’ve created a place where people can live seamlessly with the natural world. And with uMhlanga, King Shaka International Airport and the rest of Durban just a short drive away, Sibaya Coastal Precinct is connected to the rest of the city (and beyond) too.

Most of all, Sibaya Coastal Precinct was conceptualised as a living, vibrant community. This is not just somewhere for people to come home to each night, but a place where people can work, live and play. Fully-realised, this coastal precinct will contain offices, shops, restaurants, educational institutions and recreational opportunities and more to complement the residential offering. And we wanted this to be a welcoming place for visitors and residents alike. The name ‘Sibaya’ means kraal, and this idea of being a place to come together is woven through everything we do.


The built environment develops and evolves over time while responding to its context and landscape. It’s shaped by the people who use it every day and that’s why in conceptualising the architectural guidelines for Sibaya Coastal Precinct, we haven’t simply compiled a list of rules. We’ve captured what it is we believe this place could be through a sensitive approach to architecture and shared this understanding with others to be interpreted in the different developments.

From a technical perspective, we believe responding to the local climate and landscape is more important than conforming to a theme or style. As a general rule, we advocate the use of natural ventilation and lighting wherever possible, as well as including water-harvesting and energy saving features in buildings. In terms of aesthetics, buildings should be designed so that they are embedded in the landscape not in conflict with it. Natural or earth coloured materials are key to provide a seamless experience, and a nature-inspired colour palette has been chosen to complement this. This approach gives individuals and developers the freedom to create a range of built forms, all unified by a common feeling and approach.

Ultimately, we want this to be a place where buildings live in harmony with each other and the environment. They should also open up to embrace their environment rather than facing inwards to create insular experiences. It’s by designing spaces in this spirit that we can ensure that we don’t just create buildings, but a thriving community.

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