Planning Sibaya, we knew that a sensitive approach to the natural world was key. That’s why the majority of the land here is being left undeveloped. We’re preserving the coastal forest and rehabilitating much of what was once sugarcane and making it accessible via a network of trails and paths for walking, running and cycling. This network also opens up access to a breath-taking stretch of the coastline closed off to most people before, and highly sought after by surfers and beachgoers. These areas are all accessible to visitors and residents alike, but managed by Sibaya to ensure that our high standards of quality and safety are maintained. As a mixed-use development, we’re ensuring that there are plenty of retail and other leisure opportunities on offer for visitors too. The various nodes to be developed will include shops, restaurants, hotels and more.
There’s a reason we called Sibaya a Coastal Precinct and not just an estate or residential development. When we conceptualised it, we knew it was a part of the whole that is Durban. It’s a place not just for those who live here but also those who visit, whether it’s to stay, work or relax. The Sibaya Casino and Entertainment Kingdom is already well established within the precinct and provides an incredible starting point for a new place to play.
75 km of paths,
trails and
boardwalks and
6.5km of beach
Sibaya Casino
The Sibaya Casino and Entertainment Kingdom offers unmatched entertainment and houses a premium casino, a luxurious hotel, enthralling activities and the finest restaurants and bars. The casino is an enthusiast’s playground - delivering the best slot machines and gaming tables. Whilst, its hotel, located just 4.8 km from the Umhlanga beach provides superior comfort and is fitted with the world-class facilities to make the stay one to remember.
Sibaya is kissed by the warm and majestic oceans between Umdloti and Umhlanga. These beaches attract a bevy of locals and tourists from around the world, who seek a sublime getaway amid vast crystal blue oceans and golden sands. Just minutes from Sibaya sits the Umdloti Blue Flag beach. Accessed quickest via the M4, this beach is renowned for its lagoon-inspired
Crystal blue
oceans and
golden sands
swimming area that is neatly enclosed and strewn with an array of rock pools. The beach has wondrous siting's of dolphins rising from the waves and between July and November, beach-goers are treated to the views of whales. Activities at Umdloti Blue Flag beach include surfing, diving, kite boarding, paddling, wind-surfing and jet skiing.

The umhlanga Rocks Main Beach is situated on Lagoon Drive and is a tranquil 4.8 km from Sibaya. It has been awarded with a blue flag for its pristine clear waters.

Cycle Trail
As the Sibaya Precinct expands, so do the amount of adventures made available for visitors and residents of the area. Sibaya Forest will have a localised cycle trail for adrenaline junkies, fitness freaks and those simply seeking the outdoors. This unique trail will be designed and built around towering trees that are not over-imposing to allow for an unobstructed and free-flowing cycling experience.
Nature Trail
For exotic nature trails that meander through a scenic outdoor backdrop, look no further than Sibaya Forest. The forest aims to create an invaluable space for locals and visitors, allowing them to reconnect with nature. It is designed and inspired from nature's angular and geometric shapes and this includes inspiration from the veins of a leaf, the perfect symmetry of a damselfly's wings, a spider's web, and parallel trees. The nature trail will be ideal for walking, running and cycling amid vegetation that has been architecturally considered.
A lush woodland
known for its
array of tree and
bird life
Hawaan Forest
Unspoiled and exuding nature's glorious beauty, Hawaan Forest is a haven for animals, plant life and a relaxing escape for visitors and residents alike. Residents of the Sibaya's latest estates, namely OceanDune Sibaya and Signature Sibaya are both surrounded by the forest and have unprecedented access to it. This lush woodland spans back centuries ago and is known for its array of tree and bird and animal species. One of the reasons the forest has been preserved for all this time is due its trails not being open to the public and it can only be accessed to the public via guided trails amid a thriving ecosystem made up of bush pig, genet, duiker and at times, phythons. The forest is bounded by the Ohlanga River and sea.
Ohlanga River
The Ohlanga River located around the Sibaya node lies north of Umhlanga and empties into the Indian Ocean. A vast amount of reeds line the river bed and an estuary sits at its mouth.